Quality Policy Statement

As Kronik Elektronik, we guarantee with our target principles that our company’s activities meet national and international legislations and other applicable conditions with quality and service approach for:

Developing the software, hardware, design, assmbly and production of the electronic products that we released to the market,

Providing qualified, economic and easily applicable solutions with satisfaction oriented approach to reach the needs and expectations of our customers and interested parties,

Providing the fastest solution to the customer complaints, evaluating within the framework of integrity, considering the confidentiality, with transparency, impatial, fair, sensitive, accessible, free of charge

Continue leading the industry with these principles by following the latest technological developments in design and industrial automation solutions with research and development activities

Developing team spirit by adding employees and stakeholders to the system with process and risk oriented approach, providing continuity with trainings and competencies, announcing the corporate culture all over the world with the Kronik Elektronik brand

Progressing with the philosophy of transparency and reliability by keeping all our communication channels open and improving continuously our corporate culture and knowledge with our quality management system