About Us

Since 1990, Kronik Elektronik has been operating in the market as a local producer and exporter. He specializes in ATM security, ATM refurbishment and Information Security. In addition, our company, which operates in marine electronics, offers new device design and project services according to demand on all kinds of electronic infrastructure and systems (automation, autopilot, etc.) which are required by large tonnage ships and yachts.

Using the developing technology with our experienced staff, we develop new products according to customer demands and we are strengthening our successes day by day. Our company, which attaches great importance to R & D activities, gives great importance and support to all kinds of projects that it has been successful with its expert staff. In accordance with the demands of the devices it manufactures, it exports 98% of its annual output.

Quality, customer focus and time management are important principles of our company. Our company which has designed and produced the products by the flag in the sector by itself, is moving forward with confident steps to the successful future.